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Why forestry mulching?

Forestry mulching is the most efficient way to clear your land and leaves you with little to no work. As we clear the land, our equipment breaks up the trees and shrubs into small pieces and not a single brush pile in sight. Not only is the land clear of the trees and shrubs you want gone, but now you have a protective layer of mulch to nourish and enrich the soil in the area. With the excess growth gone, the trees you have left will no longer have to fight for nutrients and they’ll have the healthy benefits of the mulch layer to help them grow strong for years to come.


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The Brush Busters Difference:

  • Brush Pile   No brush piles  When we’re done, the only evidence of our work will be beautiful, cleared land. Forestry mulching takes the vegetation to the ground & we don’t leave any brush piles behind for you to worry about.
  • Icon ClockSpeed We have top of the line equipment that outperforms anything other mulching companies use.  With our powerful equipment, we can exponentially cut down the time to clear land if you were to use lesser equipment or try to chop it down by hand.
  • Arrow Precision Before starting a project, we put you in the driver’s seat and have you tell us what you want to go and what trees you want to stay. After clearly marking the area, our equipment is agile and can clear right up to a tree without touching the tree that is to stay. We make sure you get exactly what you want!
Land Clearing Skiatook Bulldozers

Before and After

Consider forestry mulching like an extreme makeover for your land! You won’t believe the difference that can be made in a short amount of time.


Oftentimes, a customer will want a certain piece of their property cleared, but after seeing what we can do in a short amount of time, they want us to clear more! Hear what they have to say about our work.


Who would use forestry mulching services?

Just about anyone! After looking through our Before and After library, you may be inspired to do a new project on your land that you may not have thought about before. Here are some scenarios of what clients have used our services for:


Use Skiatook land clearing for creating a better view

A client had recently purchased some property with part of it being heavily wooded. When he met with us, he said that he just wanted all the trees down in this specific area so that he could have a wide-open view of the forest around him. After we quickly cleared that area, he asked if we could clear another section of his property and so we did! It was so fun to see how excited he was at the final outcome. He wanted a view and we gave him a view which ended up being better than he had anticipated!



Use Skiatook land clearing for cutting or maintaining a driveway in a wooded area

After building a few years earlier, a business owner called us out because the driveway that he had cut when building had become overgrown and it was difficult for delivery trucks to drop off materials at his business. We came out and not only took out the branches that were hanging over the driveway and obstructing the driving path, but he had us clear out several areas of small bushes so that his business property would look much nicer and cleaner. We also completely removed a few smaller trees next to the driveway so that he wouldn’t have to worry about them growing over the driveway anymore. Now he still has a nice wooded area, but the maintenance of just a few trees along the driveway will be manageable after the work that we did for him.


Use Skiatook land clearing for preparing a hunting property

A client who owned a large piece of property had us come out to take a look at his land and see if we could help him reclaim it from severe overgrowth. His property had been in his family for years and over time, the large open areas had been taken over by small trees, scrub, and obnoxious cedar trees. He wanted the property to be cleared out for a better view and also recreation activities like four wheeling and hunting. We walked the property with him and got some drone footage to make sure that we and the client were on the same page as far as what he wanted cleared and what he wanted to stay. He and his family hunted their land as well and wanted specific areas to use as shooting lanes to increase his chance of harvesting deer. After the project was completed, the client was pleased as punch that he could once again see the property as it once had been and that it was now laid out ideally for a successful hunting season.

Use Skiatook land clearing for creating camping grounds

A grandmother of 22 grandchildren had 80 acres not too far out of town for her family to gather on and be together as they disconnected from the world. When she and her husband had purchased the property, it had been regularly maintained and had cattle grazing on it. In just a couple of years without regular heavy equipment maintenance and without grazing cattle, the open areas were taken over by scrub and small saplings, making it hard to drive across or enjoy as a family. What she thought would take a few days of work we were able to clean up in a single day. She was thrilled that they could once again use their property to its fullest extent. They are now planning a big family campout in the recently cleared area of their land.



Use Skiatook land clearing for landscaping projects

A landscaper was working on a project for his client and needed a decent sized section of her property cleared before they could continue the Landscaping project. The landscaper had calculated that it would take his 7-man crew 3 days to cut down and haul away all of the trees and brush in this particular section of the property. To get ahead of schedule and to save money, he had us come out to clear the land instead. What would have taken his crew 3 days we were able to completely clear out in just a couple hours. I know he was happy to have the project running ahead of schedule and I can guarantee that his crew was happy to not have to act as lumberjacks for 3 days!



Use Skiatook land clearing for creating recreational areas

A family moved from the city to a rural town nearby. The home was situated in the middle of a heavily wooded piece of land and the family wanted to be able to use this land for recreation, but the woods were far too thick. When the builder had a bulldozer come in to clear the land for building the home, the bulldozer operator left several large piles of brush. The family wanted to clear some of the wooded area for things like a fire pit with hammocks around it and an area to put a deer feeder so that they could bring wildlife in to watch, but they were hesitant because their builder had never removed the initial brush piles and they didn’t want any additional brush piles. They contacted us and after looking at their land, we were able to tell them that we could do just about everything that they had envisioned. In a short amount of time after starting to work on their land, we had cleared an open area not too far from their house where they could have a fire pit, hang hammocks from the remaining trees, and have a nice little private campground for when they wanted to camp out, but not be too far from modern conveniences AKA their house. We were also able to clear some paths through their land for their kids to ride bikes and go on hikes. After those areas were cleared, we cleared a separate part of their property for a future food plot to attract deer and other wildlife for their viewing pleasure.