Our Story

Brush Busters Land Clearing was founded by Jared and Jennifer Johnson. Jared had always dreamed of owning some property on which to live, hunt, and enjoy the outdoors. The previous year, the Johnsons had looked at some heavily wooded acreage in northern Oklahoma to build their future home on. While there was a path here and there, it was mostly mature trees with smaller trees and bushes everywhere, making it very difficult to walk through. They checked out the land clearing Skiatook property several times and every time they ended up with leaves, sticks, or spider webs somewhere on them or in their clothes. Jared had the vision of working the property and clearing out a lot of the brush so that there could be large open groves of trees or thicker groves of trees but with no undergrowth so that his wife and kids could walk through the woods unscathed and enjoy the land. It would be beautiful.

All Jennifer saw was the uncomfortable outdoors that she didn’t want to be in. She didn’t want her kids to go traipsing through the woods and tearing holes in their clothes and tripping over small trees all the time. Their oldest son is quite allergic to cedar trees and while they didn’t initially see any cedar trees, it was hard to see much of anything because the brush was so thick so they weren’t sure if there were cedars on the property and if so, how many. If there were too many, it would prevent their oldest son from ever going into those parts of the woods. Jennifer also didn’t love the idea of the thick brush and undergrowth being home to unwanted critters such as skunks, armadillos, possums, bobcats, etc. Jennifer was never much of an outdoors person so she didn’t even know if this was the habitat of such animals but didn’t want to take the chance.

With plans to clear out a bit of the woods and make it a more favorable area, the Johnsons bought the property. They started the land clearing Skiatook building process right away. The first step was deciding where the home would be, then where the driveway would be. On a hot and humid June morning, Jared and Jennifer marked where they wanted the driveway to be. There were some mature trees they wanted to save and they wanted to be far enough back from the street that those driving by wouldn’t be able to see the home. They got everything marked out and it felt like the driveway was extending so, so far back. A few days later, the land clearing guy came to clear the path for the super long driveway. Once he cleared the way, the driveway was plenty long enough but it was a fraction of the length that it felt like when you were climbing over saplings and crawling through bushes, all the while trying to clear spiderwebs from in front of you. What a huge difference it was with just that driveway cleared out!

During the building process, there was a time when the land clearing Skiatook builder kept a small skid steer at the building site for several days and offered to let Jared use it to clear some land in the evenings after the workers were done. Jared took advantage of this opportunity and cleared just the brush in the area just past the front yard. Even though the attachment wasn’t exactly made for clearing land, Jared was able to make it work and cleared out many saplings, bushes, and random overgrowth. Not only did Jared have a blast clearing the area, he became very skilled with the machine in a short time. He created a lovely opening surrounded by trees that were tall enough that their branches didn’t hit you in the face if you looked away for a second when walking through the area. It was the perfect area to build a fire ring so that they could roast hot dogs or s’mores any given day of the week without having to go too far from the house. Jared loves the outdoors and Jennifer not so much, so this was the perfect happy medium for them to have an outdoor space that isn’t far from modern conveniences!

On another evening while the skid steer was at the land clearing Skiatook building site, Jared started clearing some hiking paths. Prior to this, Jared had taken their kids on many outdoor experiences and the kids have come to really enjoy outdoor activities and appreciate God’s creations. Jared and their 4 kids love to hunt, fish, hike, and explore the outdoors. Their 7-year-old daughter loves the outdoors just as much as Jared, if not more! The hiking path that Jared started allowed them to really take advantage of the wonderful features of their new property. They could hike. They could travel to the unique rock formations in the center of the property. They could travel down to the ravine and see how much water the property held when it was raining versus when there was a dry spell. This was just after one evening of land clearing. Jared really saw the potential of the property once he started clearing the brush away and revealing the landscape and features. Now that Jennifer wasn’t getting injured every time she was walking in the woods since all the brush and saplings were gone, she opened up more to the idea of going into the woods.

The Johnsons moved into their home in the winter and the landscape wasn’t much to look at without leaves on the trees. Once the trees started to get leaves in the springtime, their property started to come alive. The Johnsons homeschool their kids and it was a great opportunity to not just learn about nature, but watch with their own eyes how the different living creatures all work together and create new life each year in the spring. The grove of trees that Jared had created is now one of Jennifer’s favorite places. The light doesn’t shine directly into the open area but instead it emanates through the canopy of leaves overhead, creating a beautiful glow inside. What was once a land clearing Skiatook battlefield between Jennifer and nature, has become a sanctuary and a special place for the Johnsons.

Once the house was built and the weather warmed up, their 7 year old daughter took Jennifer to show her some fun things that she had discovered in the land clearing Skiatook property because of the areas that Jared had cleared and allowed them to get through. It was such a great time for them to share something that they hadn’t shared before. Between that and the beautiful grove that they could see from their front door, they decided to really make the most of this wonderful land and purchase a machine to make all of their land their own heaven on earth.

Land Clearing Skiatook Our Story

Jared decided to start Brush Busters Land Clearing to help other people clear land and make the best use of it for the landowner’s purposes. Their kids enjoy helping out any chance they get! Or they just like to be along for the ride.

If you have some property that you would like to transform, call Brush Busters Land Clearing today at 918-86-BRUSH.

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