Our Work

Whenever you look at a property it’s really hard to know what the terrain actually looks like if it’s covered by trees. With Skiatook land clearing we can take a mystery and solve it just like vanilla ice when we get our machine through the woods and get those trees not just chopped down but molts to the ground. We have many customers who say that they didn’t know about different features of their land because until Skiatook land clearing came through, it was just a mass of huge trees. If you were trying to sell your property, potential buyers will come and they can just see a wall of trees but that is not very appealing. If they have to walk through thickets of trees and get scratches and end their visit with leaves in their hair, they’re less likely to buy your property. There’s certainly less likely to give top dollar for it. When you hire brush busters land clearing it’s a small price compared to the end result that makes your property more syllable, more desirable, and much prettier. Skiatook land clearing work is like an extreme home makeover but for wooded land. Our before and after pictures show you that we can take moderate to heavily wooded land and transform it into an open grove that over time will be lush with grass, healthy trees, and a nutrient rich underlayer of mulch. When you have open areas that Skiatook land clearing has opened up for you, you will be able to see the wildlife that roams your property. You may see that you have deer walking through your land because now you can see them or you will discover that they have made trails all across your acreage.

Skiatook land clearing uses a process called forestry mulching which means that we use a large piece of equipment with a forestry mulching head attachment. With this attachment, our operators can approach trees and the attachment will take trees and chop them up into smaller size pieces. The size of the piece of the mulch is up to our customer. At Skiatook land clearing we want to give you the end result that you’re looking for. Some customers just want as many trees down as we can get down in a certain time period. Those pieces of mulch are going to be much larger than say another customer who would like as little evidence of the former trees as possible. These mulch pieces are just inches big and are hardly noticeable. Smaller pieces of mulch take more time but again it depends on what the customer wants. We could even do the middle of the road where you still get quite a bit of land cleared but the pieces you can see them but they’re not ginormous, they’re not big chunks of wood anymore. Skiatook land clearing can also work with your property after the land has been cleared. We are able to help you make a gravel driveway from start to finish. Not only can we clear the land of trees but we can then grade the dirt to get a nice smooth level path for your future driveway. After that process is complete we can bring in gravel and spread that gravel to make it just the right size for you to drive on. As we are here to serve you, the customers I took land clearing will get the size and type of gravel that you desire and once you tell us what you want we will handle the rest. In the process of clearing the driveway, we will take out any branches that might hang over the driveway or have the potential to hang over the driveway in the future. We certainly don’t want anything hindering our Amazon deliveries from getting to our house in the woods!

Other land clearing companies can clear your land…but you are always going to be left with brush piles. Now if you have a small piece of land that was cleared you would likely only have one brush pile but it will still be fairly large in size. If you have a larger tract of land that was cleared you will have several brush piles that you will have to deal with. Unless you want snakes and scorpions as your neighbors, you’ll want to get rid of those brush piles as soon as possible. You can have several options to rid your property of the unsightly brush piles. You can burn the pile. You can up the world yourself. You can have a wood topping party and invite all of your friends who have chainsaws to come over and chop the wood. You can pay someone to haul away the wood. You could hide away yourself if you have the equipment but you’re likely going to have to pay someone whenever you dump all that wood somewhere. Or the best option of all if you do happen to be left with brush piles is to call brush Busters land clearing and we can come and mulch up those trees for you so that it clears your Land and prevents you from having unsightly piles of dead wood and getting snake bites.

If you are like us you enjoy the outdoors and enjoy a good hunt for deer. Skiatook land clearing can help you create the perfect hunting area as we can clear trees to create a shooting Lane for either archery hunting or rifle hunting. We can either completely remove trees or we can just trim back branches. It is your property and we will do as you want us to when it comes to clearing your land. We can also clear tracks of land for food plots and mulch up those trees very small so it’s easy to get down to the dirt layer and plant those seeds that will help you have a successful harvest for deer. With food plots and shooting Lanes you can also go turkey hunting or pig hunting. If you have pigs in the area, we suggest you build a hefty fence to keep those pigs out of your food plot. If you need a good recommendation for a fencing company, if you’re in the northeastern Oklahoma area you should call cornerstone fence out of Owasso Oklahoma and they will do a good job. Tell them that brush Busters land clearing sent you and you’ll get the Royal treatment. Actually they treat all of their customers super well so you’ll just get regular treatment but in the end it’s all awesome.