How It Works

How does forestry mulching actually work?


We service many different types of customers. Some Land Clearing Skiatook customers are long term land owners while some of our great customers just purchased property and are wanting us to provide improvements. Whether you have owned property for a while or are new to land ownership, we are confident that we can provide you with the help you need to fulfill your land improvement goals.

Forestry mulching is a process that is performed for the purpose of clearing vegetation such as trees, green brush, brush piles, briars, and any other undesirable vegetation. Most people want to be able to sit on the back porch or look out their window and see their land in the condition that they have dreamed about. Maybe it would make you happy to observe more wildlife activity on your property or finally to be able to view the lake or pond from your home. Maybe you would like to enjoy the sunset a bit longer and clearing out a few undesirable trees will do the trick for you.

Forestry mulching is a great solution for clearing invasive vegetation from an area. Our hi-flow skid steers are the best that are available on the market and provide all the power necessary to turn an unusable, overgrown jungle into a blank canvas to enjoy as you please. Our skid steers have the best mulching heads that money can buy. It is extremely important to have a high quality mulching head that is paired with a high quality skid steer. This allows the equipment to work together in tandem to provide the best finished Land Clearing Skiatook product possible.

Forestry mulching heads work by spinning a drum full of teeth, either knives or carbide, at an incredibly high rate of speed which shreds anything that it comes in contact with. Our mulching heads are equipped with either carbide tipped teeth or knives. There are benefits to both kinds of mulching teeth and we use different ones for different Land Clearing Skiatook applications. Knives mulch large heavy vegetation such as trees relatively quickly. The results are impressive however they do have their drawbacks. The lifespan of forestry mulching knives are relatively short and often need to be replaced about every 75-80 hours. Depending on the job, we have seen some knives need to be replaced after just 1 day! It’s best to resharpen knives about every 4-8 hours depending on what type of vegetation they are working one. They also aren’t as durable as carbide and easily chip if they happen to come in contact with rocks or other debris that might be hidden on the property. Carbide teeth last much longer than knives and don’t require sharpening. They handle rocks and debris much better than mulching knives. Carbide teeth are usually the teeth of choice, especially in heavy debris or rocky areas.

When mulching trees, oftentimes we will raise the forestry mulching head as high as it will reach and cut off the top of the tree. We then slowly lower the head on the remaining branches and trunk, turning it into mulch. By the time the mulching head reaches the dirt, a layer of mulch is the only thing left of the tree.

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Sometimes our customers have large brush piles that they would like us to mulch. We are always happy to provide this service for our customers. We take our time to make sure the brush is mulched up in a way that our customers prefer. Brush and briars are no match for our forestry mulching set ups! Our mulching equipment goes right through them like a hot knife in butter. This is why many of our Land Clearing Skiatook clients use us to cut trails so they can enjoy their property to the fullest extent. Some of the trails are for hiking while some of the trails are cut for the purpose of all terrain vehicles and go carts. We can’t rule out dirt bikes! Many of our clients enjoy riding their dirt bikes and utility terrain vehicles on the paths that we created for our customers.

We are happy to provide you with the land improvement results that you need to achieve your goals. Some people would like their vegetation thinned in order to benefit wildlife. There is just something about watching deer walk around at their leisure that calms the soul! The deer and other wildlife may be present in good numbers on your property but you might never know until the vegetation around your property gets thinned out to improve the visibility. Have you ever seen fawns frolic and play in a field without a worry in the world? Well you might if you decide to give Brush Busters Land Clearing a call to improve the visibility on your Land Clearing Skiatook property!

We also create food plot ready clearings for clients who want to provide a better food source and improve the wildlife habitat on their property. Food plots are a great way to keep wildlife healthy and on your property year round. The key is to plant the types of food sources that benefit the wildlife on your Land Clearing Skiatook property the most. We help in this project by identifying the best areas to create food plots, and then clearing those areas with the forestry mulcher. There will be a layer of mulch in the area designated for the food plot. The mulch will need to be cleared and the soil prepared before planting. After the mulching is complete, we can scoop the mulch and place it in a burn pile. After the mulch is removed from the area, we recommend having your soil tested so you know what nutrients need to be added to the soil in order to produce the best results. Some decide to till the soil before planting while others decide to use a no-till-drill. The drill is best for the soil but either way will get the job done. After this is done, plant with the best food plot mix for your area. Add water and plenty of sunshine and then observe the wildlife as they grow and play in your backyard!