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In Tulsa gravel driveways are not uncommon. Tulsa may be the second largest city in Oklahoma, but there are a lot of rural areas in and around Tulsa that have a need for gravel driveways. Oklahoma has become a popular place for families to move as they are trying to escape the business and congestion of large cities. In tulsa, you can find just about everything you need from a big city but without the big city feel. The property that people are buying are normally larger than your typical neighborhood lot size, so once they’re in Tulsa gravel driveways are a must.

At Brush Busters Land Clearing, we provide many land improvement services. In Tulsa gravel driveways, forestry mulching, land clearing, hunting lane creation, food plot preparation, and stump removal are all services that we provide. There’s still a lot of raw land here in Oklahoma that is like a blank canvas for you to do with what you would like to make it perfect for your family’s dream. When we come out to quote your project, we take a look at your property with you, we will discuss with you what your long-term vision is with your property, and then make a plan for what services we can provide to help you achieve your end goals. Generally in Tulsa gravel driveways are one of the first things discussed because you will need to access the interior of your property that you want to improve.

Brush Busters Land Clearing can build a driveway on virtually any budget. There are different options depending on your needs, what you’ll be driving on it, how often you’ll be driving on it, and your budget. Once all that is decided, the prep work begins!

Here in Tulsa gravel driveways are best when you follow the proper steps. If not, the gravel driveway will become uneven, disappear into the ground, or become overgrown. To get started, you need to know where you want your driveway. It’s important to consider how often you’ll be using the driveway and who will be using the driveway. If it is for regular use at a home, you want to make sure that it is wide enough and straight enough so that when you get package deliveries, they don’t have any trouble getting in and out of your driveway. We don’t want anything to hinder those deliveries! If you want to be more secluded in the woods, you would make a longer driveway. Your gravel driveway doesn’t have to look utilitarian. Depending on what look you’re going for in your gravel driveway, we can talk about the different options for your layer of gravel that will be visible to guests. This process of determining where your driveway is, how big it is, how long it is, and what it will look like overall in the end is something that you would do with us so that we’re all on the same page when it comes to what you want as your final outcome. After this step, you don’t have to worry about a thing because we will take it from there!

Next, we will clear all grass and topsoil along the marked path. Using our powerful equipment, we will make sure that the width of the driveway and the depth of the excavation is appropriate for laying a gravel driveway. After all of that is cleared away, the leveling begins. When you’re driving down your driveway you don’t want to feel like you’re on a roller coaster ride so this step is extremely important in making sure that your future gravel driveway doesn’t have potholes from the get-go.

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Once the path is clearly marked, we will get precise measurements so that we know how much driveway material we need without having any excess. We are always keeping up to date with the best prices of good quality materials so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best deal in the area for all the driveway materials. Part of ordering the gravel is scheduling it for delivery and we will make sure that that schedule works well with you should you have any events or timetables that need to be accommodated.

The first layer of your driveway is a base layer. We will use the right type of gravel to make sure that it can get nice and compacted and level, creating a strong foundation. We want to be like the wise man in the Bible and have a strong foundation on which to build. We don’t want to be like the foolish man and cause your driveway to wash away when the rains come down! This compacted level will also be a barrier to keep weeds from growing up in your gravel driveway and there will be another round of leveling this material, to make sure that it’s not a bumpy ride.

The middle layer of gravel will be just the right size to keep up the strong foundation, but also create strength in your driveway. This layer will not be as compacted as the base layer, but it will be solid and will allow rain to drain through so that you don’t have any standing water in your driveway. Without proper rain drainage, it could cause your driveway to sink into the ground.

The final layer of gravel is what you will be driving on. This layer could be a variety of materials, depending on your usage. If you’re looking for a more aesthetically pleasing gravel driveway, river rock or pea gravel might be a good option for you. If you are looking more at function, there are a number of crushed rocks in varying sizes that would work just as well. Once that layer is spread out, we go back over it for a final time and smooth it out to create a pleasant driving experience.

Overall, if you’re anywhere in or around Tulsa gravel driveways are not something you need to worry about because Brush Busters Land Clearing has you taken care of! Give us a call today at 918-862-7874 to set up a time to meet and get a quote.

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