We love to hear testimonials from our clients!


We provide many different land clearing Skiatook improvement projects and provide these projects in a variety of locations. All of our clients have different budgets that range from small to large. Some projects might start off small and then grow bigger once our clients see the improvements that we are able to make with their properties. They like what they see and often decide to do more! We are happy and excited to help out all our clients and provide them with their individual desired results.

Our first client that we had the pleasure of working with had just purchased a beautiful ten acre piece of  property. He initially called us out to mulch a few brush piles that had accumulated on his property, but he was glad to find out that we were able to help him with many of his land clearing Skiatook projects. After we completed mulching his brush piles, he liked our work so much that he decided to hire us for his other land improvement projects. His property had some uneven areas that would really wreck havoc on his riding lawn mower every time he attempted to mow his property. He sure didn’t like getting jostled around every time we took his mower out to cut the grass. It was almost as if he was riding a bull instead of a riding lawn mower! He grew tired of bull riding rather quickly and hired us to grade his property to make it easier on his lawn mower and himself. He was very happy that we were able to help him save his lawn mower and his back by providing an additional service to help beautify his property.

Our client initially purchased the property to build his dream home and dream life. He sold his house in the city and bought a fifth wheel trailer to live in on the property while his dream home was being built. He built a septic system for his fifth wheel and was planning on backfilling the lateral lines with land clearing Skiatook gravel and then covering with dirt. We saw the pile of gravel and asked him how he was planning on getting it in the lateral lines. He told us he was planning to shovel it into a wheel barrel and then dump it by hand in the trench. Did I mention it was summer in Oklahoma? Nobody wants to do that kind of work by hand in triple digit temperatures! We offered to do it for him with the skid steer and a bucket. He happily took us up on the offer. What would have taken him hours to do and possibly given him a heat stroke, we were able to do in just a matter of minutes.

Our client loved our work and eventually grew tired of driving across his pasture to where he parked his fifth wheel trailer. He decided it was time for us to build him a gravel driveway. We brought in 12 loads of gravel and started the land clearing Skiatook process of spreading the gravel in an even blanket to create a driveway. Our client constantly invited guests to his property to enjoy it with him. Some of these guests were family and some were friends, but all of them needed a place to park. We built a parking area with plenty of room so all of his guests would have space to park.

Previous to working with us, he reached out and received land clearing Skiatook quotes from other companies to build him a driveway. We were able to build the driveway bigger than the other companies and do it for less money than what he was quoted by the other companies. Our happy client wasn’t done yet! He had recently hired a plumbing company and electrical company to run water and electrical lines to his fifth wheel. They did this by digging a trench, running the lines underground in the trench, and then backfilling the trench with dirt. He wasn’t pleased with their backfilling job as it was rough, uneven, and clumpy. He really wished they would have taken more time to smooth it out and make it look good. He asked us to finish the job for them. We took a little time and smoothed the trenching area out for him and made it look presentable. Not only were we able to make the area look good, but we made it smooth enough that he can happily take his lawn mower over the area without it being a bumpy ride.

In the middle of our client’s land clearing Skiatook property, he had a beautiful acre and a half pond that was stocked with all sorts of different fish. It had a plentiful population of largemouth bass, bluegill, and catfish. There were plenty of bullfrogs that also liked to call the pond home. Our client was a pastor and had a large national following. People would visit from all over the United States of America to have their baptisms performed in his pond. Our client loved to have the baptisms in the pond, however, he did have one complaint: The ground was a little too muddy where the baptisms were being performed. His solution was to have us scoop some gravel and small rocks from a nearby creek bed that was located on his property and spread them on the bank of the pond where they were performing baptisms. We of course helped him with this task.

He loves his pond but he noticed it would overflow when heavy Oklahoma thunderstorms rolled in accompanied by lots of rain. We developed a plan to install a culvert while building up the bank of the pond. We were able to install the culvert just the way he wanted it and raised the bank a couple of feet. The pond no longer floods and he is very happy with the way his property has turned out! We received a phone call for forestry mulching and just like many of our other clients, the project turned into much more! Remember, for all of your land improvement needs, who are you going to call? Brush Busters!!!