There are many ways to take land that is forested or overgrown with brush or just super grassy. We are not lumberjacks so we don’t cut down trees. To clear the land we do what’s called forestry mulching. Our land clearing Skiatook equipment takes just the area that you want and mulches the trees, brush, and stumps. What do we mean by mulching? Basically the head of our machines that we use for forestry mulching has little stumps or teeth all around it. When these teeth run into trees or brush at a high speed, it breaks the trees or brush up into much smaller pieces which is called mulch. You may have seen bags of mulch that you can buy at your local big box home improvement stores. Sometimes they are tinted red or black or any number of colors. When we get done with forestry mulching, the color of the mulch depends on what kind of trees are around that got mulched. We like to say that that color is organic, but you know it will always be unique to you because of the specific mix of trees and brush that you had in that area. Unlike land clearing Skiatook brush hogging, forestry mulching can eliminate trees and brush right to the ground. There are times in particularly rocky areas that it might require more time to clear an area down to the ground because rocks are not wood and we’re forestry mulching, not rock mulching.

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Why you might want an area to be cleared using forestry mulching


There are many reasons one might want to clear their land. The following are several scenarios why Brush Busters Land Clearing can be a good fit for you.


Selling a wooded or brush filled area

In different parts of the country, there are still large parcels of land that are being sold. When a potential buyer comes along and is interested in purchasing the land to build on, if all they see is thick and dense bushes and trees, it can be hard to envision that area being cleared away and a house being there. Forestry mulching can allow you to pick just certain areas or even just certain trees to be cleared out. At brush Busters land clearing we can completely level an area or you can select just the most beautiful or largest trees to keep and we will clear everything else around it. This takes a congested landscape and turns it into a beautiful Grove that many people would find very desirable. At that point, your value of your property automatically increases and its sellability skyrockets.


Clearing land to build a home

Perhaps you have purchased some raw land and you can’t see further than a few feet because it is so thick with brush and trees. This is a less than ideal situation if you want to build a house unless the house you’re looking to build is a treehouse. We can completely clear the land of any trees, brush, or stumps. If you would like to still keep some of your woods but have it be usable, you can select which trees you want to keep, and brush Busters land clearing will clear everything but those trees that you have marked. An open, treed canopy area can be a great place to spend time outdoors with your family after your dream home has been built on the land clearing Skiatook we built for you.


An outdoor recreational space

It is great to find time to reconnect with nature and disconnect from the world, but once you actually make that time, where will you go? If you have some heavily wooded land that you can’t use, it’s probably not your ideal location for spending time outdoors. Taking a walk through the woods is not fun if you end up with scratches from low-hanging branches and tall, thick bushes all over your face and arms and legs. Not to mention all the spider webs that you would run into along the way! A heavily wooded forest is no match for Brush Busters Land Clearing when we get done forestry mulching it. We can take woods that are full of mature trees, bushes, brush, and little trees and turn the area into a peaceful grove where you can take hikes, meditate, practice yoga, or have a fire ring where you can cook hot dogs with friends and have s’mores at the end of the night. Perhaps you would like an outdoor living area that is set apart from your home. After we get done land clearing Skiatook forestry mulching your forest, there will be enough trees to provide shade but you will have plenty of room to have a stove, Rock oven, good size countertop, and anything else that you might want in your outdoor kitchen.

Making your mature trees even healthier and bigger

In a heavily wooded area, you may have several mature trees but they just never make it to be very tall or very big. This is because all the smaller saplings, thick grass, and brush down below are taking the nutrients from those large trees. When brush Busters land clearing Skiatook is done forestry mulching an area, the mature trees will no longer be competing with all that grass, brush, and saplings for nutrients and water. Without that competition, your mature trees have the potential to grow bigger and stronger.


Preventing damage to homes, barns, shops, power lines, etc.

Oftentimes homeowners or property owners will experience extra land clearing Skiatook costs due to damages to their property including homes, barns, or shops because of fallen trees. This may occur during a thunderstorm, hurricane, tornado, or just high winds. Extra unwanted trees can fall and damage these structures or they can fall on power lines and pull the electrical service right off the home or other buildings. The cost of this damage can be in the tens of thousands. If there are any trees that are close to these structures, Brush Busters Land Clearing can remove that threat by taking out the trees that hold the potential for future damage. Not only will the tree (and therefore the threat) be gone, but there won’t even be any stumps left.

These are just a few of the situations one might want to call Brush Busters Land Clearing. When you have a project need some help clearing your land, call Brush Busters Land Clearing at !