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Contact us if you are in need of land improvements for the following:


Home building

When you are ready to build a home, shop, she-shed, or man cave, we can get the land cleared exactly how you want it. We have the land clearing Skiatook machinery to completely clear the pad for building as well as clearing the brush and undergrowth in the wooded area around your home so that you can actually spend time enjoying the nature around you instead of fighting it. Using a professional drone, we can take an aerial view of the property to make sure we see all aspects of the job and plan accordingly.


Outdoor living

In a world that is so busy and full of constant notifications, it is helpful to make time to disconnect from the world. Many people enjoy disconnecting while in nature, but may not have a place to go. It doesn’t take much room to create a haven in your wooded backyard or perhaps you have a little getaway cabin that is surrounded by thick woods. We will work with you to create a land clearing Skiatook area that you can customize for your peaceful getaway. You can pick what trees you want to stay or go, how big of an area you would like cleared completely, and how high up you want the canopy to go. After the area is cleared, there are a plethora of activities you can have there: a fire ring for cookouts and include a s’mores station, a hammock hangout, camping, tree swings, outdoor movie theater, rappelling wall, bird watching in outdoor lounge chairs, outdoor kitchen area with a grill, or group games like giant Jenga, lawn dominoes, horseshoes, cornhole. Depending on how big you want to go, you could even host events in your beautiful outdoor area such as birthday parties (plenty of room for a pinata!) or even a wedding!

Food plots and shooting lanes

Hunters (and their wives!) know that hunting takes so much more time than the time spent outdoors during hunting season. The prep work that goes into ensuring a successful hunting season starts months before opening day and can be time consuming. Brush Busters Land Clearing can help you cut that time down dramatically by things such as clearing land for food plots. According to your specific plan, we can clear out shooting lanes much easier with our machines than a hunter can by hand, not to mention the time saved. We will work with you to get the food plots and shooting lanes to be in just the right land clearing Skiatook location and just the right size.


Driveway creation or maintenance

Rural driveways aren’t as simple to create or maintain as one at a suburban home. For a new driveway, we will work with you to make sure the path for the driveway is well understood by each party, then create a smooth driveway. We will also clear any tree branches that may hang over the new driveway. For existing driveways, as trees grow, their branches eventually span over or even across driveways and we can trim those branches to your exact land clearing Skiatook specifications. We can even clear the whole tree itself so that you don’t have to worry about it growing over ever again.


Commercial vegetation management

There are several industries that need to keep land clear in order to maintain land clearing Skiatook equipment and keep it functioning properly. For example, Chris Meyers of Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives said, “Keeping co-op lines separated from plant overgrowth plays a major role in service reliability…This work helps prevent outages, minimize the threat of fire damage, and maintain access and serviceability.” Brush Busters Land Clearing can perform these essential services for power companies to ensure their customers have continual access to land clearing Skiatook power. Excessive brush and unwanted trees can also cause damage to plumbing lines over time so it’s important to keep that growth down where it’s not wanted.

Residential vegetation management

Just like it’s important to commercial companies to keep plant overgrowth in check, it’s important as a homeowner. Brush Busters Land Clearing doesn’t clear every tree in an area (though we can if that’s what you want!), but we work with you to determine what trees or vegetation you want to keep to achieve your goals. We know that large trees on the west side of homes can offer shade in the hot summers, which can reduce your energy usage and save you money. With less usage, it also prolongs the life of your equipment. Keeping things like this in mind, we can create a space around your home that is ideal for enjoying the space outside, but also keeping things comfortable and efficient inside.


Recreation area creation

We have helped a client create an area for a spiritual retreat. We can do the same for you! Any retreat area you have in mind, we can help. We know activities like yoga can take up a lot of space, but are so effective when done outdoors. We will consult with you, learn your needs, and work out a plan with you to ensure you get what you’re looking for out of Brush Busters Land Clearing services to create a retreat area just for you or for a large group.



Depending on the terrain on your property, you may want to add a culvert. If you need a culvert, we have the equipment to get that taken care of for you in a fraction of the time it would take should you do it by hand or even with small equipment. We will discuss all the details beforehand and make sure we’re all on the same page before starting the job that will keep water flowing right where you want it while being able to drive where you want to.


Dirt work and grading

If you need dirt added or removed from your property, Brush Busters Land Clearing can take that task off your plate. After the right amount of dirt is in place, we will grade the dirt so that it is prepared for whatever your purposes may be, such as laying sod. Level soil is important especially in areas where you will be walking so as to prevent injuries such as sprained ankles or tripping.


Trails for hiking, mountain biking, or trail running

If you have property that has excellent terrain, but too much vegetation, Brush Busters Land Clearing can help you out. We will take your difficult property and turn it into a place of health and wellness. With our precise path marking and top of the line machinery, trails can be made to your specifications that will be ideal for your hiking, mountain biking, or trail running needs.